Specializing in Tube Bending and End Forming
Manufacturer of Precision Tubular Parts and Assemblies
for Aviation, Medical, Industrial and Commercial Products
ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Custom Tube Products is a tube fabricating company with locations in Edgewater, Florida and Brevard, North Carolina. We specialize in small and medium diameter tube bending, tube end forming, and tube assemblies.

We produce products for aviation, medical, industrial, and commercial customers. We are specialists in medium-to-high volume production but also offer low-volume and prototype services. We produce products ranging from simple bent tubes to complex assemblies.

Tube Bending

  • Bending diameter range .125” = 2.00”
  • Rotary draw bending with or without mandrel
  • Low to high volume
Tube Bending Services

Tube End Forming

  • Tube end forms - beads, flares, expansion, reduction, complex shapes
  • Rotary process - beads, flares, AN and SAE
  • Straight and bent components
Tube End Forming Services

Tube Assemblies

  • Combination of bending and end forming
  • Assembly - welding, brazing, components
  • Machining of components
Tube Assembly Services

Value-Added Services

  • Kitting
  • Flexible inventory
  • Stock & release programs
Value-Added Services