About Us

In 1987, the husband and wife team of William David Love and Sydney Love started a general machine shop and FAA Repair Station specializing in repair and reconditioning of General Aviation piston engine components. The tubular manufacturing business started with the production of valve-train push rods for an aftermarket aircraft parts supplier. Wiliam and Sydney’s son David began assembling pushrods as an after school job in the early 1990s. David joined the business full-time in May of 2000 as Vice President after receiving an Industrial Engineering degree. Over the years, the company expanded to supply other tubular parts for piston aircraft engines such as oil lines, fuel lines, push rod shroud tubes, intake tubes, and exhaust tubes. In January of 2004, the tube fabricating business was spun-off with David Love as President and became Custom Tube Products, Inc.

The business has continually expanded into new markets and now produces tube fabrications for industries as diverse as aircraft, performance automotive, home health care, dental, energy, scientific instrument, boating, and recreational vehicles. Custom Tube Products is committed to competitive domestic manufacturing and operates with a philosophy of outstanding customer service, communication, and continuous improvement. The company has invested heavily year-after-year in new technologies and processes and has adopted lean manufacturing and cellular techniques since day one.

Whether you require prototypes or an engineered solution for high-volume production, Custom Tube Products is your solution provider.