Tube Assemblies – Putting it All Together

Tube Assemblies

Custom Tube Products specializes in producing complete tube assemblies. From simple fluid lines to complex welded & brazed components, we can design a cost-effective production process for your parts.

Bending & End Forming

Bending & End Forming

Most products that we produce require a combination of bending and end forming. We routinely produce tube assemblies in quantities as small as one piece to over 300,000 per year. From the quotation stage on, we work with customers to develop a manufacturing plan to produce their parts using the most efficient methods. We can suggest design options that can greatly reduce component cost.

Exhaust Assembly


We produce tube assemblies that require welding, brazing, captive components, or a combination of all three. We also assemble tubes with hoses and clamps and other components that make them more complete and ready to use by our customers.

Tube Fittings

Machined Components and Fittings

We supply many tubes with machined hardware such as tube nuts, ferrules, flanges, and adapters. We have our own CNC machining department that produces many of these components and also maintain an extensive network of approved suppliers for off-the-shelf and catalogue items.

Special Processes

Special Processes

We work with world-class suppliers to provide our customers with heat treatment and plating services. We have years of experience producing parts with plating and heat treatments and understand the challenges these processes can present.